SCS 2012: A Gentle Introduction to R

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This is a wiki page for the SCS short course, SCS 2012: A Gentle Introduction to R.



  • R is available free for Windows, Mac and Linux platforms:
  • RStudio provides a much nicer environment for working with R. This software is also free! It has many nice features, especially better syntax highlighting.

Online Resources

Week 1 Basic Data Structures, Operations and Functions

Week 2 Inferential Statistics with R

Week 3 Further Inferential Statistics with R

Week 4 Challenge Week

  • This week is Challenge Week!! You can put your R knowledge to the test with a long series of challenges!
  • When you finish a challenge put up your post-it so I know who's done. There are hints for each if you need them. Feel free to raise your hand if you get a bug you can't fix.
  • Download the zip file located here: Week 4
  • R Graphs Gallery
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